Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska

It's a striking image. Striking enough to bring me out of blogging malaise.

Right now I am looking at Senator McCain and Governor Palin speaking in Dayton and it's compelling. The more I learn about her and her background the more appealing she is. Her story is compelling, if a little short for now. The more she speaks the more I like her.

11:37- She speaks strongly on ethics and energy. Two good topics for this campaign.

11:39- I think this is good for McCain. It's certainly bringing this member of the base into line with the campaign.

11:41- She's a forceful speaker but not overwhelming. Not the brow-beating harshness of Hillary, but a good strong voice. I really want to see more from her next week at the convention.

11:42- I hope they drop the "commander of Alaska's National Guard" line. I know it's true, and probably a lot more applicable than most of us know, but it just reminds me of how lame I thought that line was when Bill Clinton's campaign used it.

11:45- I think she is going to play very, very well in middle America.

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