Well, we're stuck with McCain

Yep, I said it. Stuck.

I have a list a mile long of why I do not like Sen. McCain. That is precisely why I will not be voting for him in the Texas Primary come March 4th. I will even vote for Mike Huckabee before I vote for "Straight Talking" John. I could sit here and catalog my disagreements with him over immigration, taxes, and his absolute disregard for the First Amendment - but I won't. There is simply no point in it anymore.

When he wins the nomination, which he will, I will support him. But only by default. I can't in good conscience vote for one of the two socialists the Dems will put up, and my sense of duty compels me to vote, so there you go.

To all of you real conservatives out there in my shoes I beg you, please consider your votes this fall very carefully. Sure McCain is a bad choice - but can you imagine the alternative?

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