John McCain Speaks at Dell - LIVE BLOG

10:25 - a few minutes late due to webcast issues...

10:27 - follow Osama "to the gates of hell" - good applause line

10:28 - He reiterates his support of NAFTA - countering the Obama story yesterday. He promises to Canada and Mexico that we will not back out...

10:29 - "The surge is working. It is succeding". Applause "We are blessed to have General Petraus" More applause.

10:30 - Specific goods words about the Texas National Guard. Crowd likes it.

10:32 - Jokes about the status of his campaign a few months ago - "It's always blackest before it gets totally dark - Chairman Mao"

10:33 - "I'd rather lose a campaign than lose this war" - good line

10:34 - Good short comments, proceeding to open questions

10:35 - Question from a Iraqi Freedom veteran asking about treatment for new veterans - "we have passed legislation, but we have got to do a lot more" "we have got to expand the VA system"

10:36 - "The only way that the price of gas will go down is if we become energy independent"

10:37 - He let's Kaye Bailey Hutchison address a question about AmTrak - huh.

10:40 - We have to modernize the air traffic control system

10:41 - Answers a question on international highway system by blatantly dismissing the notion of a "North American Federation" or anything like it

10:42 - "I'm totally in favor of it" - on tax breaks to help companies globalize without layoffs

10:45 - Long question about relations w/ Latin America, Cuba, and immigration
- Reiterates support for free trade in Latin America
- 70% of Latin America votes in his Arizona reelection
- Cuba: "state sponsors of terrorism" "gulags that would make Stalin blush" - Does not accept comparison to China
- Raul was Fidel's hitman
- We should send a clear message on how we can re-establish relations now that Fidel is no longer in control

10:50 - Hits (convincingly) Obama on his "al Qaeda in Iraq" gaffe - draws distinctions on Iraq between himself and the two Dems

10:52 - Very good answer on vaccine-induced autism. Congress needs to act and he admits it.

10:55 - He is pretty funny and disarming. Much better than he tends to come off on TV.

11:00 - He did well - lots for me to think about going into Tuesday...

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