2008 GOP Presidential Candidates Breakdown

Well, I mentioned here earlier today that I am throughly unimpressed with the lackluster field we have in the GOP primaries. So, here I am to present my breakdown of the candidates. Admittedly these are short and shallow, but I will certainly be discussing them more as we head to the Texas primary.

Romney - The Robot:
I don't get much from him when I watch him speak. Don't get me wrong, in many ways he is the leading guy for me at this point in time - but I can't connect with him. This certainly does not disqualify him in my mind, but I think it does hurt his electability. Policy-wise he is solid for me, and his experience as an executive, his turnaround of the Salt Lake City Olympics, and his performance running the bluest state in the country all make him attractive to me. I just hope that Rod Dreher and Dan Larison are not right - he does come off a bit like Algore.

Huckabee - Snake Oil Salesman:
This one is tough for me - Huckabee is the guy I want to like, but just cannot. I do like his method of blending faith and politics for me personally, but I really dislike two effects it has. First, he comes off sounding like a "big government conservative", which is such an oxymoron that anyone with that label should have everything else about them as a candidate questioned. He should be focusing on personal responsibility, community and faith-based groups helping out socially, and focus on the fight for life. Second, his record is not consistent economically and his foreign policy experience leaves A LOT to be desired. He's just not ready to go for the big time, and even if he was I have serious policy concerns.

McCain - Open Borders:
While he is certainly the best man when it comes to foreign policy - by far - I just cannot get over McCain-Feingold and his stance on illegal immigration. I just can't see giving him my primary vote.

Giuliani - The Question Mark:
Seriously, where did he go? I don't think his strategy of waiting until Florida to get started will work. I think he is very electable, but I don't know if he is really a serious candidate now.

Thompson - Crash and Burn:
OK, he had great buzz going into his candidacy announcement and did nothing with it. Again, I just don't think he is a serious candidate now. I would wager that he drops out fairly soon.

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