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Sometimes technology makes your life better and sometimes it goes the other way. For me at the PGA Championship at Southern Hills on Sunday, it was a bit of both. One of my frustrations with attending golf tournaments is the no cell phone rule. Now, let me be very clear, I think it is a good rule as most people are not responsible with their phones - but it still bugs me. That being said I had an experience with a device that helped - but not relieved - my iPhone withdrawals.

I knew not being able to use the internet on the phone to keep track of what was going on everywhere else on the course - enter myLeaderboard. myLeaderboard is a device (and company) that debuted at the PGA Championship last year, and I had my first run-in with it this past weekend.

First the good:
  • The first 1000 American Express cardholders got them free this past weekend
  • The system is incredibly easy to use - intuitive, simple, and efficient in locating information
  • Good integration with the entire tournament experience - directions, locations of critical facilities, and other content made this very useful
  • Fantastic idea considering the cell phone rule

Now the bad, and some of it is very bad:
  • For a system named "myLeaderboard" one would expect timely updates on the, you know, leaderboard. I could not get updates late in the afternoon to save my life - for example when Tiger was on 15, his score on the device showed his score through 4 only. No error message, no updates, nothing except for a spinning refresh indicator. As someone who manages software development projects for a living I can tell you, this is a poor user experience that should be remedied ASAP. Don't add a single new feature or update until the system can be made more reliable, and give the user appropriate error information
  • The UI design is simple, but it is not graceful - it looks like a web page circa 1999
  • Also, update the technology. A 'web 2.0' technology upgraded could really improve the user-friendliness and usability

All in all it was an OK experience - for free. This system was not ready to be sold for $25 a day at a major championship. But to you guys at myLeaderbaord keep it up, this is a great idea - you just need to step up your execution on it.

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