My iPhone: Thoughts

Well, I did it. I got an iPhone this weekend. Now, I did not go stand out in a line for 24 hours or anything, in fact I was planning on waiting for awhile, but that did not last too long.

I went into the new Apple Store here in Austin knowing ahead of time that they had none in stock. I knew this and went because I wanted to get my hands on one and see how they actually performed. I spent 10 minutes waiting for an available demo model to use, and spent ten minutes playing around. I was impressed, the reviews I had seen were all accurate except for the keyboard issues - I really had no major problems and got used to it in a few minutes. After playing around with it for a few minutes, and the hours of review reading I had done in the last 18 hours, led me to decide that I was going to buy one. However I really should wait, I told myself, for more info and reviews - good thing they were out, right?

Then I heard the fateful words from a salesperson, "Guys, we just got some 8GB iPhones in."

So I bought it... and I love it. The positives and negatives are all over the web, so I will not repeat them here. However, here is my list of differences and/or strong observations with the conventional wisdom:
  • The UI and touchscreen is great. It's so intuitive and easy it deserves the label of revolutionary
  • The web browser IS awesome, and the EDGE network here in Austin is slow, but certainly not deal-breaking for me
  • WiFi support is seamless and great
  • If you customize your phone book, the steps to call your "favorites" are not too many
  • This is not a phone that does other stuff, it is a consolidated device that makes phone calls
  • As stated elsewhere, this is not a BlackBerry killer, but then again I'm quite sure it was not designed to be
I really like it so far, and if you are a gadget-head with the money I recommend it, provided you understand and are OK with all the caveats and drawbacks mentioned. It's not the perfect phone, but it IS a game changer.

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