iPhone: My Thoughts - Take 2

So, I have had the iPhone for 5 days now, and I would like to add to my earlier post.

  • I LOVE the UI. I am so impressed with the intuitiveness and ease of use. I also love to see people's reaction they start to play with it
  • The recessed headphone jack is a real pain - REALLY. I have a great pair of Etys that I use on my 5G iPod religiously, and now I am going to have to buy a crappy $10 accessory that I will probably lose just to use them. I would like to think Apple would have bee smarter than this - I get the issue with the shape of the edges, but they should have came up w/ something better
  • Email client is not great - but at least I only use it for personal email. for that functionality it is just fine for me
  • iPod functionality is awesome, especially Cover Flow!
  • I'm impressed by the build quality, it just feels solid

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