Friends point out mistakes and flaws...

One of the best traits of a good friend is one who is willing to point out mistakes and foibles when necessary. In that spirit, as a Christian and conservative I am embarrassed by this (via Althouse):

This is so wrong, even thought the text of their comments is right. In this country we have freedom of religion, but that does not translate into "Freedom of religion, only if you are Christian". Essentially what these protesters shouted is correct, but I would submit that the actions were not right. If the logic of the protesters was followed to the logical conclusion then there would only be Christian prayers allowed in these situations, and that would make the practice unconstitutional. So, which is the better approach for these guys? To keep their mouths shut and not overrun another person's beliefs when they are being appropriately expressed. There are many, many ways they could have gotten their message across without casting shame onto themselves and their goals.

If this was a church and not the Senate chamber I would probably be taking a much different stance, but in this case you have to respect the rule of law and the constitutional guidelines. I do not think the Christian thing to do is try and humiliate and persecute people of other faiths, but to love them and share the gospel - do you think that this was either loving or a good witness for Christ? I don't think so.

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