Did Apple make a BIG mistake?

Could we have just seen a major misstep on Apple's part? The trendy computer maker has always been known for reliability and security in its software, but could the release of its Safari browser for Windows show that Apple software is no different than that of other companies? There has been another security risk exposed in the touted browser:
Security researcher Robert Swiecki disclosed yesterday another vulnerability within the new Safari 3.0 for Windows beta, bringing the total of public vulnerabilities to nine. The latest flaw allows an attacker to steal a cookie. The flaw exists in the Javascript's window.setTimeout()implementation where the content the timer-triggered function is processed after window.location property is changed.

Is it possible that the often spouted argument that their work is not held up to the full scrutiny of consumers and hacker alike, and if it were it would be revealed as less than hyped in those areas? Or in fact does this prove that Windows is inherently a less reliable and secure platform? (to be fair: this new one does not show this directly as it relates to Safari's Javascript implementation which has nothing to do with the OS) It will be very interesting to see how the tech community's opinion begins to form on the browser as these events unfold.

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