The price of fame

Looks like the kiddos over at Twitter are not quite ready for primetime. They were a huge hit at SXSWi, and now it looks like the site might be down. For the last week or so the site has been slow, then the IM bots went down, and now you just get a blank page.

I'd be very concerned with this if they made a concerted effort to increase usage via SXSW, but I am not sure if that was the case (I did not get to go this year - bummed about that). If they did in fact try to drive traffic and did not prepare for it, I would not have much faith in their ability to provide service as a central point. And obviously that opens the door for competitors. I think there will be a development of many different "nano-blogging" platforms just like there was with blogging - but major issues for Twitter could accelerate that. This is a good idea, I hope this is not too serious for them.

6:30 CDT: Maintenance message up. My org would have our teeth kicked in for a 40 min. response time...

7:28 CDT: Back up now, not sure exactly how long they were down.

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