Contemplating techology

I am restless and wide awake late tonight due to a very long and complicated project launch last night at work. Due to the complexity of our environment and the scope of the change some issues were to be expected, but the process got me to thinking about technology and it's role in our culture.

Specifically, social software is very interesting. Now, I work for an "old" tech company - not one of these new fancy startups that we all watch like little fanboys - but even so I am certainly an early adopter with friends and family that are decidedly not. It's actually been quite funny, even the most tech adept of my F&F are not fascinated by technology in daily life like I am. This is quite frustrating sometimes, I mean if I can't get them to use Flickr, how in the world can i get them to Twitter? And it's not like I am living in the backwoods of West Virginia (not a dig, I love country folks!) - I'm in Austin Texas and with the ideal demographics to have my crowd start living the "digital lifestyle" or whatever it's being called these days.

All of this has lead me to believe that we (i.e. tech crowds) are vastly overstating the life-changing effects of our particular brand of obsession. Sure, we know how game-changing and disruptive some of these technologies are, but they are not filtering to the masses. My question is, is that because the masses "don't get it" or are the new technologies just not that important?


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