Quick Obeservations on the SOTU address

8:16pm - Why does Hillary always look so smug?

8:19pm - Good statement on earmarks. Yea!

8:22pm - Was that a school voucher reference? ;)

8:23pm - Affirmation of private health insurance. No Pelosi applause. Tax cuts (or new deduction) for health insurance? Love it!

8:26pm - Expand HSAs - good... IT reform in the field - better...

8:28pm - Employer verification of immigration status sounds great to me. No Amnesty! Let's see if it sticks.

8:30pm - Good remarks on alternative energy, including nuclear and bio-diesel (ugh, the ever-present ethanol pander - yuck!)

8:31pm - 20% gasoline reduction, that's a good goal. But let's make sure the free market does it, but I have a feeling we are going to see some meddling by the fools on the Hill.

8:33pm - 100% increase in the SPR - eh, whatever...

8:34pm - Asking again for judicial confirmation votes - and I'm sure he'll get them now... But not in the way we want.

8:35pm - "To win the War on Terror, we must take the fight to the enemy". Nice line - fake applause form the Speaker.

8:38pm - "Take almost any principal of civilization, and [al Qaeda's] view is the opposite". He is doing a good job of framing the debate on terrorism. Problem is, the MSM and the Democrats done such a good job of spinning the issue, will anyone be listening?

8:40pm - I think GWB and Jack Bauer would get along just fine. :)

8:41pm - "What every terrorist fears is human freedom"

8:42pm - Is McCain asleep?

8:43pm - The Cedar Revolution, Iraqi elections - proving that democracy is taking hold - as well as al Qaeda fighting back.

8:44pm - First mention of Iranian support of Iraqi insurgents

8:45pm - Apparently victory in Iraq is not a shared goal of the parties. How would Congress have reacted to similar words from FDR about the Nazis?

8:46pm - "Iraqi leaders know that our commitment is not open-ended"

8:48pm - He really is framing the debate - outlining consequences of failure or withdrawal and linking it to our security interests.

8:49pm - Very impressed so far.

8:50pm - Democrats: WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS! (Kind of...)

8:52pm - Civilian Reserve Corps - Interesting... would like to know what this looks like.

8:53pm - We "will not allow the regime in Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons"

8:54pm - Not quite as tough on North Korea, but he may not need to be.

8:54pm - This speech is so informed by the thoughts of Natan Sharansky that it is eerie. That's a good thing by the way...

8:57pm - Dikembe Mutumbo, nice touch. Is he a Republican?

9:02pm - I really like the guests of the President tradition. It always says something good about this country.

9:04pm - Strong ending. Nice work Mr. President.

I was impressed. He gets better and better, and his job of framing the debate about the War on Terror was very, very good. I still like this man - and I do think he is a good President.

P.S. - I really hate the disgusting, fake, sucking up that the members of Congress perform evey year. Maybe it's me, but the lack of any authenticity really makes me sick.

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