No one is talking about this economy

This economy is incredibly (and if you believe the MSM, shockingly) strong yet no one seems to be talking about it. Except Mr. Kudlow.

Here are a few short quotes from his excellent summary of the state of things. You should read the whole thing.
  • "Economist Michael Darda points out that real wages over the first five years of the Bush expansion are actually growing more rapidly than over the first five years of the Papa Bush/Bill Clinton boom"
  • "Unemployment today is only 4.5 percent. Federal, state, and local tax collections are soaring through the roof. Budget deficits are plunging. Inflation-adjusted GDP is averaging just more than 3 percent. Family wealth stands at a record of slightly more than $54 trillion. Total employment is at a record 146 million"
  • "More than 55 million Americans, or four out of every ten workers, left their jobs in 2005. Since there were more than 57 million new hires that same year, this is good news. It also means that new hires exceeded employee separations by an average of 364,000 per month. Per month!"


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