If the Democrats really filibuster...

If the Democrats really filibuster the Alito nomination it will be the end of their hopes of becoming the majority party any time soon. The Republican Party was in a massive tailspin coming into the Alito nomination - Scooter Libby, Harriet Miers, the public perception of the war, Tom DeLay, and on and on and on. The Alito nomination energized the party faithful, re-affirmed Bush's campaign promises, and set the stage for the Democrats self-desctruction.

And of course they have obliged. They made fools of themselves in the hearings, they catered to the far left crazies with their questioning, and they generally came out looking like petulant children who weren't getting their way. Then John Kerry stepped up and built the gallows - he lead out with a move to filibuster.

Personally I hope it goes through, Senators Clinton, Feinstein, and Kennedy have all signed on now, and if it goes through they will be leading their party into the wilderness for an even longer trip.

So to all you Democrats out there: bring it, we'll kick your ass again.

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