I joined the dark side...

So I bought an Apple iPod Video and I have a confession to make... I love it! It pains me to admit that, not because I dislike Apple, but because of three specific reasons:
  • I always took the position that iPods were a fad because of the 'cool' factor, and nothing else
  • Apple "people" always piss me off - just too yuppie elitist
  • I work for a competitor of sorts, even though I don't think we are competing for the target markets at all - we don't appeal to Apple people, and that's fine with me.
Bottom line is, the iPod with iTunes may just turn out to be the multimedia killer app. Their podcast integration is excellent, I can see myself becoming a podcast addict because of the ease of use (I can listen to Sean Hannity's show eveyday now! Woohoo!). If you're in the market for a new MP3 player, then I recommend this one heartily.

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