The crazies got loose in DC!

Bill from INDCJournal is perfectly covering stories in the DC area like he always does, this time looking at the anti-war protests last weekend.

Some notable quotes:
The exchange between the LaRouche supporter and the Iraqi was amusing. The LaRouchie asked the Iraqi, "What about how Dick Cheney and Wolfowitz lied about weapons of mass destruction?" To which the Iraqi responded, "I don't know about that, but only God or the United States had the power to remove Saddam. There are no more mass graves in Iraq!" Notice the pamphlet cover on the Larouchie's sign: a picture of Dick Cheney that reads "Children of Satan II: The Beast Men."
I wasn't sure what to think; I was torn between anger and laughter the whole time. It's difficult to get that angry with them; a good portion of these people are ill, channeling their emotional pain into a political struggle, and no amount of reasoning with them would have any effect. Luckily, the worst elements marginalize themselves with their overt displays of lunacy, and fortunately, no more than a couple of hundred people showed up for this event. I'm certainly glad that the Iraqis showed up; they likely won a media victory.
Read the whole thing.

If this really is the big anti-war movement in America, I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for them.

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