This is just sad

The Democrats are trying, and for that I will give them credit. But come on, how lame does this sound?
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has convened a group of Democratic lawmakers to develop a "faith agenda" for the party, a Capitol Hill newspaper reported Monday (Jan. 31).

The "working group" of 15 to 25 members would help Democrats cast issues through a faith lens in a way that would help them speak to "faith-minded" voters, Roll Call reported.

Like I said, at least they are trying. The article goes on,
Pelosi, a Catholic from San Francisco, has been soliciting ideas on the proposal for two years from faith and political leaders, including former Clinton White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry. Pelosi said religious voters have been co-opted by Republicans.

"House Democrats are people of deep faith and share the values of faith communities," Pelosi told the newspaper.

Pelosi's group will have an uphill climb after exit polls from November's presidential election showed the so-called "values voter" flocking to the GOP in record numbers. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., has made similar overtures in recent weeks, attempting to moderate her party's position on abortion in an effort to broaden support with swing voters.

"I knew that we had a problem two or three days after the election when I started looking at the exit polling," Clyburn said. "I saw that our Catholic nominee for president lost the Catholic vote."

Heh. Yeah they have "a problem". But even with this effort they do not get it, look back at the definition of this group - they are charged with "cast[ing] issues through a faith lens". What they don't understand is people of faith don't need to have the issues defined for them, they know what is right and wrong -- it's that simple.

The Democrats will fail if they try to bring men and women of faith to their sides of the issues, they have to change their stand first. Moral equivalence and relativism will not sit well with most Christians in this country, and that is what the Democrats are firmly espousing these days.

But at least they are trying.

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