The flap over Google News

The discussion over blogs' admittance into the Google News service has me a little mystified. I understand that all blog authors want recogntion for their hard work and good writing, but are blogs really news sources? They are certainly a source for news, I definite get the quick hits for the day from my favorite blogs, but I don't see us in the same category as Fox News, MSNBC, USA Today etc. But that is a good thing. Whether the MSM is unbiased and objective is certainly up for debate, well maybe not, but I think of blogs and bloggers in a different light - the medium is mix of news and opinion not straight news.

Now, the fact that Wonkette and the Democratic Underground are listed in Google News is disturbing, and it certainly could indicate a bias in the service, the solution should not be to list conservative blogs there too. I agree with Libertarian Girl, the blogs currently listed should be removed. In fact they shoudl go one better, they shoudl launch a seperate blog aggreagation service, I know their technologoy would make it a really good service and wildly successful.

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