Easongate Roundup

I have not jumped on this story because there are so many covering it so well. But here is a rundown and a roundup of links.

Here are the basics. At the World Economic Forum Eason Jordan, a CNN executive, made the accusation that US soldiers were deliberately targeting journalists and dismissing it as "collateral damage". Rep. Barney Frank was on the same panel as Jordan and offered the following quote to the Washington Post:
At first, said Frank, "it sounded like he was saying it was official military policy to take out journalists." But Jordan later "modified" his remarks to say some U.S. soldiers did this "maybe knowing they were killing journalists, out of anger. . . . He did say he was talking about cases of deliberate killing," Frank said.

So obviously this is a problem, right? Well like the trusty medium it is, the conseervative blogosphere jumped all over this. Below are the best posts on the issue I could find, in close to chronological order.

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