Cynics Beware

For those of us out here who believe that real emotion and passion can exist in politics and do not dismiss everything as propaganda the much talked about embrace between the female Iraqi and the mother of Sgt. Byron Norwood, a Marine who was KIA in Fallujah, does hold significance. As for those that dismiss it as staged or contrived, I echo Bill from INDC Journal's comments,
If you're too cynical to note its power without also being compelled to minimize it as propaganda, then part of me feels sorry for you. Sometimes, it's ok to just be moved.

This war in Iraq has been hard. It has been hard on the Iraqis, on the families of our servicemen, and the soldiers themselves. But if you can look past the MSM filter, you can see that all these people believe in what they are doing, they believe that the outcome is worth the battle, the death, and the sadness.

The parents of Sgt. Norwood of Pflugerville TX (outside of Austin and just down the road from me) have said in several interviews that they and their son believe in fighting for the freedom of the Iraqi people. This is the legacy of our great country, our young men fight to free others, not oppress them as the opposition wishes to. We have always stood for freedom, this is the basic American belief. I for one am proud of our country and thankful to our servicemen and women, its too bad the cynics dismiss their contributions so easily.

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  • Jeez. Why haven't you enlisted yet?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  

  • Have you?

    The idea that everyone who supports military action or intervention should go sign up right away is ludicrous. Its funny, but everytime the discussion comes to that question liberals seem to think that everyone should join up. I know the tactic is designed to make me look like a hypocrite, but really it just makes you look simple minded and silly.

    By Blogger Brian, at 1:53 PM  

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