Anti-terrorism "Light"

If you don't get serious about a problem you will never solve it. Our "allies" have proven they are not serious, when will we force them to be.

Saudi Arabia has convened a conference on anti-terrorism in Riyadh. Via Power Line, here is a quote from the Arab News:
"We have invited all countries that have suffered from terrorism to the conference, and all have agreed to take part,” said Prince Turki ibn Muhammad, assistant undersecretary for political affairs at the Foreign Ministry.

Can you guess who is not invited? You guessed it, Israel. No viable solution can be reached without Israel at the table. This is getting tiresome, I am not sure who I am more disappointed with, Saudi Arabia for being a a disingenuous ally, or the White House for sending Condi Rice to this charade.

CORRECTION: The US has not sent Sec. Rice, we sent a delegation of 18, listed here. Via Power Line.

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