Vicious and Intolerant Democrats, Part XI

This one takes the cake. After writing an essay defending the Constitution for his Intro to American Government class, the professor did not grade and forced Ahmad Al-Qloushi to seek pyschotheraputic counseling.

Ahmad Al-Qloushi is from Kuwait and recounts his experience in this article. Read the article and you will understand why Ahmad chose to come to America from his native Kuwait, and why Ahmad is so passionately pro-American.

The lack of political tolerance in our nation's universities and colleges is reaching near epidemic levels. There are many angry, anti-American, irrational, and biased leftovers from the 60's polluting the minds of young Americans who look to them for freedom.

Now, unlike those on the other side of the aisle, I am not going to call for more rules, legislation, or lawsuits to advance our cause... I call for action. Raise your children to know right from wrong and recognize evil when they see it. Raise them to understand the true nature of America, its founding, history, and legacy. Raise them to be intelligent, caring, educated, and unafraid. Then send them to college to confront these academic dinosaurs, they will know what to do and make you proud. "Tolerance" is quickly becoming code in academia for "only if you agree with me", for us to continue our country's greatness we must put and end to this cancer.

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