Sen. Frist: "I want to extend my hand across the aisle"

Sen. Bill Frist has chosen not to try and change the Senate rules regarding filibusters and judicial nominees... for now. In his statement at the opening of the 109th Congress he said that,
Next month, we’ll have the opportunity to restore Senate tradition. I’ll bring one of the President’s very capable, qualified and experienced judicial nominees to the floor.

We can debate that nomination. We can vote to support or oppose it.

And we must offer the President advice and consent by giving this and future judicial nominees who are brought to the floor up or down votes.

Now some have suggested that the filibusters of the last Congress are reason enough to offer a procedural change right here and right now. But -- at this moment -- I do not choose that path.

My Democratic colleagues have new leadership. And -- in the spirit of bipartisanship -- I want to extend my hand across the aisle.

I have a sincere hope that we can move beyond past difficulties and look forward to a future of cooperation. I seek cooperation – not confrontation.

Cooperation does not require support for the nominees. Cooperation simply means voting judicial nominees brought to the floor up or down.

Let's see if the Democrats reciprocate that spirit of bipartisanship and cooperation, but I think we all know what will happen. Blogs for Bush cuts to the core of the issue,
If Democrats cut the partisan obstruction then there won't be a need for a procedural change. Frist doesn't appear to want to have to change the rules, but he seems willing to to do if Democrats continue to act like children.

We'll see what happens, but I really hope they are able to get this done without a procedural change, because we may not be in power forever.

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