Sen. Barbara Boxer

I think the most frustrating thing for me is that the Democrats have lost this battle and won't admit it.

Boxer was up there sounding like a pissed off over-the-hill hippie, because that is what the core constituency of the Democratic Party wants. The donks have shifted to the left, their alignment is now with the left wing special interests and not with the people that made them the dominant party for over 40 years. In a speech yesterday Teddy "I like bridges" Kennedy came out and all but said that the "insurgents" (terrorists) are winning the war for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. If this was true, we would not see the massive turnout for the election we will see this weekend. The Democrats will continue to bang away at this issue, but no one has told them the truth -- it's dead horse.

John Kerry and the Democrats tried hard to make the 2004 election a referendum on Iraq, they wanted every voter to walk into their polling place thinking about the war. And it worked, all the media, pundits, ads, campaign surrogates, and bloggers were talking about was the war. The problem for them was it did not turn out the way they wanted.

They lost. Big.

George W. Bush and the Republicans turned out one of the best performances in a national elections in quite awhile. The Republicans have not held such a large majority in the Senate since the 1920's, the attitude of Americans are shifting (or already have) away from a party that long ago sold its soul to the fringe. The posturing, insulting of nominees and obstructionist tactics that the Democrats have turned to are a desperate play for relevancy, and it may be their death rattle as well.

The best thing they could do is reevaluate where their party is heading, and get back to representing the American people -- but they won't do it.

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  • Does this mean that Iraq is at a "turning point?" How long before we're all vacationing there?

    51% is a huge majority, good for you. But remember, 48% of America wanted "The two most liberal Senators in Congress" running things.

    By Blogger t0m, at 2:54 PM  

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