More Oppression in Iran

From slashdot:
It appears that Iranian ISPs have been ordered to block a large number of popular Web sites, including weblogging, community, chat and email services. Web (particularly weblog) use has been increasing rapidly in Iran, with 64000+ weblogs published by Iranians via various sites. As of today, if the news is correct, the majority of these may be inaccessible to their authors, as will the email (eg. Yahoo) services they use to communicate with friends, colleagues and family worldwide.

Big surprise.

Freedom of Speech is evil to the mullahs of Iran. Remmber, Islamofacism has all the traits of the classic totalitarian line of thinking. Repression, manipulation, control, and hatred and distrust for freedom of any kind, This is the mindset we are fighting -- not many in this country get that.

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