More important things to discuss than Kid Rock

Now the Right side of the blogosphere is afire (well almost) with the debate over Kid Rock's on-again off-again Inaugural performance.

In one corner you have Michelle Malkin who labeled Rock's American flag poncho "offensive".

In the other corner you have Bill from INDC Journal comparing it to the American flag boxers of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young.

Honestly, I could care less whether Kid Rock performs at an Inaugural Ball, I mean Malkin has a point on the issue of Rock cutting a hole in the flag and wearing it as a poncho, but then it has seams and no ragged tear, so is it still desecration -- or an actual poncho?

On the other hand, this is how you can tear coalitions apart -- petty bickering about a performer who actually agrees with us on most issues. We are so used to it being us against the world that we run around looking for enemies, what we actually need is a little bit of in-party tolerance.

UPDATE: Well, Bill has responded and I think my post may have come off a little too harsh. I certainly get that he is taking a light-hearted approach to this... it's a perfect example of why he is one of my favorites. However some aren't so light-hearted (Ms. Malkin?), and those people are the true audience of my post. I actually thought the Angus Young comparison was pretty funny...

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