Looking forward... GOP dominance in 2008?

It has been mentioned often that the Republican majority in Congress is among the largest in the party's history, that the majority in the Senate is the largest since the 1920's. In addition you can look at the long reign of the Democrats and see many similarities between the start of their dominance and the current position of the GOP. By all accounts it appears that the Grand Old Party is gearing up for a long run in the driver's seat. The President's reform agenda (tax code, social security, etc.) is looking more and more likely to succeed and the culture war is turning. So you would think its clear sailing to the White House in 2008, right?

Wrong. In my opinion there is one major obstacle, Hillary.

Dick Morris seems to have similar thoughts. He cites a recent Fox News poll which asked, "Regardless of whether you would vote for Hillary Clinton or not," do you feel that she is "qualified to be President of the United States"? Overall Americans answered yes by a 59-34 margin. Morris relays a breakdown of the results,
Clinton showed strength among all traditional Democratic voters, winning the approval of Sen. John Kerry supporters by 80-13, blacks by 80-8, all women by 64-29 and unmarried women by 69-24 and people under 30 by 73-20.

But she also did well among more traditionally Republican constituencies. Men said she was qualified by 53-40. Southerners agreed by 55-36, as did those earning more than $75,000 per year, who felt she was qualified by 58-39. While 80 percent of liberals felt she was qualified, so did 59 percent of moderates and 43 percent of self-described conservatives. Incredibly, so did 33 percent of Republicans and 37 percent of Bush voters.

Of course, many of those voters would not actually support Hillary, and the Fox News poll was careful to precede the question by saying, “Regardless of whether you would vote for Hillary Clinton or not, …” the breadth of her acceptability indicates that she has passed the national threshold for political viability.

As Morris mentioned, these numbers certainly don't indicate that Hillary would be elected, but it does show that she has some real strength as a candidate. For this reason we must stand up and take notice.

The Republicans cannot sleepwalk to the convention in 2008, the Presidential campaign will be unlike anything we have seen before. Look at all of the advances in the last four years that influenced the 2004 campaign, and think about what 4 more years could do. This very discussion will continue right into the primary season, never before will there have been a campaign more anticipated and discussed than the upcoming 2008 race.

For this reason we must carefully choose our nominee carefully. If we do not there could be a very real setback in the advance of the conservative agenda. Morris mentions a couple of interesting names, Rudy Giuliani, Condi Rice, and Jeb Bush. We'll see which ones float to the top.

2008 is critical, get your game faces on kids.

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