GOP on a roll

By holding more Senate seats now than at any other time since 1931 the Republicans are poised to bring major change, and now they have the will to do it.

In his statement at the opening of the 109th Congress House Speaker Denny Hastert declared that this would be a "Reform Congress". Add that to the Senate majority leaders determination to win the judicial nomination battle and the iron will of the man in the Oval Office and this could be an exciting year.

Keep in mind that for the next year we will see the most progress on the legislative agenda before Washington starts to posture for the mid-term elections. Many items have been laid out, but we can be sure that a couple of key issues will dominate the political landscape
  • Social Security reform
  • Border security, asylum laws, and national drivers license standards
  • Tax code reform
On these issues, along with the War on Terror, will Bush's legacy be laid, thankfully though this is a President who is not obsessed with building a likeable legacy, but doing the right thing for America.

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