When is a Reverend not really a Reverend?

A: When he has never been a pastor at a church. Calling Al Sharpton 'Reverend' is ridiculous.

A recent article in the Village Voice illustrates the lies and deception of a man that many hold to be one of the moral representatives of the Democratic Party. I feel sorry for anyone who has given any money to Sharpton or any of his organizations. Here is one highlight of the article:
Strangely enough, it was [Rev. Jerry] Falwell in the TV debate who boasted that he operated a home for unwed mothers, an AIDS hospice, an adoption program, and a clinic for drug addicts, all in tiny Lynchburg, Virginia. When he asked if Sharpton was "involved" in even one similar effort, the reverend who's never had a church, or run a substantive social program, changed the subject."

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