Thune Campaign Aides behind anti-Daschle blogs?

It appears so. I'm not sure exactly what my take on this one is, but I tend to agree with the Power Line take that
rightly or wrongly, many people would view the blogs differently if they knew their authors were also Thune consultants. (Just as some people probably read official campaign blogs -- or "blogs" -- with a more jaundiced eye than they bring to presumably independent bloggers.) So the association should have been disclosed."

The point is well taken that for ethical reasons the association should have been disclosed, but on the other hand how much does it matter? The views of the bloggers in question were certainly clear, anyone reading their blogs would have seen what the POV of the author was, so does the relationship to the candidates matter? I also doubt that most people would have had different reactions to had they known.

The interesting thing here is that it is CBS throwing stones at bloggers. Their motivation to change Joe Blow's view of the blogosphere is painfully obvious following Rathergate, and one could make the same claim against them. Has CBS properly disclosed their relationships with Democratic Party members and operatives? Is there an unacknowledged bias there?

Pot, meet Kettle.

UPDATE: INDC Journal has a good take on the subject.

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