Thoughts on the secularization of America

Power Line has a great post by Deacon on a National Review article on the advance of secularism by the Left and its marginalization of Christianity.

Ponnuru addresses this issue in the context of political debate, rather than in the context of Christmas celebrations and other public displays. He makes a strong case that liberals are seeking illegitmately to discredit and disqualify policy arguments that rest in whole or in part on religious beliefs. For example, Peter Beinart, editor of the New Republic, has argued that it is wrong for religious conservatives to base their views and arguments about public policy on theological premises because, in doing so, they appeal to reasons that are not "accessible to people of different religions, or no religion at all."

Ponnuru has more time for this argument than I do, but he does state the essential point -- when liberals make this plea for "open debate," they are really trying to rule things out of the debate, to shut down the discussion. Once again, it's about attempting to marginalize Christianity for political gain.

Good stuff.

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