This is why Bush is the right man for this economy

Larry Kudlow comments on the results of the President's recent economic conference. He sums up his impressions of the message coming out the conference very simply - clarity of the message.
Reading through his comments, one is struck by the clarity of his message. Every one of his key points is pro-growth incentive, investor- and owner-oriented, favoring entrepreneurs, importuning for more saving and capital formation, as well as a healthy dose of deregulation. In short, market-oriented measures to spur prosperity and wealth creation. A clear rejection of government planning or engineering. To be blunt, it is cowboy capitalism. Schumpeterian capitalism. Entrepreneurial capitalism.
One of the things to admire about both Bush/Cheney campaigns and the Adminstration is that this is a team that knows how to stay on message. They defined the election and its issues so clearly that every Joe Blow out there knew where each man stood. And with his ecnomic policy there is no difference. As I have said before, this is a man who knows what he wants and is going to get it.

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