The Reuters campaign of misinformation...

In this Power Line post Hindrocket pulls the following quote from a recent Reuters story:
Most of the corruption revealed so far involves illegal transfers or smuggling of oil, which the Security Council, including the United States, knew about and controlled."
This is just another example of the media establishment and the Left in this country serving as automatic apologetics for the UN. None of the other serious reporting on this issue has implicated the US or any other Security Council member state controlling the illegal transfers or smuggling. The implications of states' knowledge and complicity of the corruption includes China, France, and Russia. The US may have known about general corruption in the program, but with the majority of Security Council member states being either implicitly or explicitly in opposition to the US position on Iraq since the first Gulf War, the US delegation was in no position to end the corruption or even investigate.

The United States needs to re-evaluate its membership and participation in the UN, the power establishment in organization is so obviously anti-American that we cannot trust our peace and security to it.

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