Proposed Changes for "The West Wing"

Before I discuss Patrick Ruffini's great post on how to change the NBC series The West Wing, I have a confession to make.

I love The West Wing.

I know, its shocking. My conservatives friends don't get it, they have jokingly accused me of being a closet liberal. The show's policy storylines are blatantly liberal, and even the foreign policy stories are so obviously contrived to make it look like the principles of the Left can work in international relations. But in the end it's the subject matter of the show, not the policies of the 'Bartlett Administration' that keep me coming back for more. Besides, sometimes its more fun to yell at the TV than to blithely agree with everything said.

Now, on to Patrick's post. I'm not going to say much, you just need to go read it. Basically he calls for a Republican Administration in the next iteration of the show. This is actually quite possible following last week's episode which introduced Alan Alda as a moderate Republican from California who is running for President. As long as he gets through the primaries all the Bartlet staffers think he is unbeatable. Couple that with the Democratic front-runner dropping out, this may just happen. It would surprise me though.

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