My solution to the UN? We should leave it

Wretchard's post on the new recommendations of the UN's panel on institutional reform is a really great roundup of the report and the world's reaction. The panel was formed to look at possible institutional changes to deal with the developments in the last few years.

One point he made was very interesting,
Structurally the proposals will collectively enhance the power of every major country that is not America; which does not imply malevolence, but is simply a recognition of the appeal that a multipolar world has to medium-sized countries over a unipolar one.
The UN is an anti-American body. We can argue over why and how for ages, but the bottom line is that he is right, no one is happy with a unipolar world except for us, and maybe the UK and Australia.

The UN worked to obstruct every move the US tried to make in dealing with Saddam Hussein, and their plan lead to more death, destruction, and deceit in Iraq. The Oil for Food mess, failed sanctions, and Kofi Annan and the French's obstructionism all contributed to the situation we had to clean up. This should be the lesson, we should not cast our lot with those that wish us harm.

If these new changes or new situations arise which result in the US seeing condemnation, rebuke, or even parliamentary actions against it in the UN I have one suggestion, we should tell the them to piss off.

Kick their asses out of New York City, pull out of the General Assembly, pull all funding for all UN programs, and see how they like it. It is true, as Wretchard pointed out, that there is no one but us, and maybe the UK and Australia, who like a unipolar world. So we need to face facts that the UN will not be on our side going forward and we need to act in our own best interest.

The US has been the greatest force for good the world has ever seen, let's see how they like it when we are gone.

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