Micheal Moore shows the Left's true colors

Jim Geraghty over at NRO has a great new column discussing the vile and hateful Michael Moore. The premise of Geraghty's comments are that Moore unknowingly reveals the real evil side of today's message of liberalism, and and the pass that he gets from the Democratic Party, regardless of how much he damages them.

There are a couple of intersting points in this column, one comes from a quote out of Moore's 2003 book, Dude, Where's my Country?,
[Horatio] Alger was one of the most popular American writers of the late 1800s. Alger's stories featured characters from impoverished backgrounds who, through pluck and determination and hard work, were able to make huge successes of themselves in this land of boundless opportunity. The message was that anyone can make it in America, and make it big.

We're addicted to this happy rags-to-riches myth in this country. People elsewhere in other industrialized democracies are content to make a good enough living to pay their bills and raise their families. Few have a cutthroat desire to strike it rich. If they have a job that lets them go home after seven or eight hours of work and then gives them the standard four to eight weeks of paid vacation every year, they're relatively happy. And with their governments providing health care, good free schools, and a guaranteed pension to live well in old age, they're even happier...

They live in reality, where there are only going to be a few rich people, and you are not going to be one of them. So get used to it...

Listen, friends, you have to face the truth. You are never going to be rich. The chance of that happening is about one in a million. Not only are you never going to be rich, but you are going to have to live the rest of your life busting your butt just to pay the cable bill and the music and arts classes for your kid at the public school where they used to be free.

Intersesting, huh? Well Jim hits the spot on his analysis of that quote:
Rarely will one see the view of the Left explained so succinctly: It's the anti-self-help message. If your life stinks, it's not your fault, and cannot be explained by lack of hard work, or willingness to learn new skills, or lack of persistence in the face of setbacks. It's all these powerful forces holding you back!

Moore's argument is essentially, "You can never get ahead. Only the government can help you. Settle for the predicable, immutable, perpetual dependent existence that only government aid can provide!"

Michael Moore is more harmful to the Demcratic Party than he is to the Republicans, and I hope they never figure this out!

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