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Why does the Left abhor Christianity to extent they do? It's not the God, because its the same one as in the Jewish faith. It can't be religiosity or spirituality, they love the Dali Lama. And it sure can't be good works that the Bible encourages its followers to do, so what is it?

I think that they perceive anything associated with Christianity as repressive and anti-intellectual. In my opinion I think that the "rules" and "rigidity" do not jive with their world-view, so therefore it must be bad.

As far as the charge of Christianity being anti-intellectual goes, its simply ridiculous. The concepts of Jesus' divinity, the creation of the world, the true nature of the spiritual realm, and ultimate triumph of Jesus over death and destruction on the cross are rife with issues to explore and explain. Certain authors have made a very good living and been effective apostles of the faith delving into these issues. This misconception really stems from the fact that the study of Christian theology does not advance our knowledge beyond its foundations to the next big thing, it simply deepens our understanding of what we already know. The history of academia in the Western world is one of continual discovery and new frontiers, and this does not mix well with the sutdy of Christian theology on a macro level. Now by no means am I suggesting that this need to expand our knowledge, by far it is one our greatest traits as men. This desire has allowed us to do many things our ancestors would have found literally unimaginable. However, when applied to Christian theology this yearning leads one to try and push past it by finding the known and already studied old and not progressive enough. Without proper perspective it can lead to the perception that faith is thoughtless, childish, and essentially mindless. Mix that with the self-identification of the Left as the bastion of knowledge and learning and the reactions that we see don't follow too far behind.

To make matters even more clear look at the affinity that the Left has for moral relativism and the aversion to the guidelines of a religion that observes absolute rights and wrongs becomes very predictable. This is very evident in the behavior and statements of Michael Moore and those of his ilk on the Left display this very obviously. To him the terrorists fighting our soldiers in Iraq are analogous to the Minutemen of the American Revolution, this is an example of moral relativism at its zenith. This view of morality and good and evil is simply not compatible with mainstream Christianity. How does this manifest itself in the Left's view of the President? Just take a look at how they reacted to his declaration of an 'Axis of Evil' or his persistence in calling out evil where he sees it in the world. If that is not enough think about how they reacted to Reagan's famous pronouncement of the Soviet Union as the 'Evil Empire'.

I believe that the reason the Left in this country, and indeed the world, view the President as slow-witted is two-fold. First, there is his folksy manner and way of speaking, it's not polished but it resonates with most of us out here in flyover country. Second, is the public expressions of his faith, to them Christian faith is a weakness for which one cannot be forgiven.

The Left will continue to advance their anti-Christian agenda, and not just in this country, under the guise of personal liberty and the separation of church and state, birth of which are being perverted in this cause. In fact, he phrase "separation of church and state" was coined by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to a Baptist Association in which he described the inability of the state to establish an official religion, not to deny public expressions of the belief in God. This is not a call to shove your faith in the faces of liberals as a response, but a call to awareness. Do not allow those on the Left to strip this great country of a very influential part of its history, that would be a real shame.

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