The Left's effect on College Campuses (Vicious and Intolerant Democrats, Part X)

This article from the New York Daily News, which discusses the vile and ridiculously un-balanced views on Israeli-Palestinian relations amongst the faulty at Columbia, is even more proof that the Left is spreading racism and intolerance through our educational system. Some unfortunately notable quotes from the article:
In the world of Hamid Dabashi, supporters of Israel are "warmongers" and "Gestapo apparatchiks."

The Jewish homeland is "nothing more than a military base for the rising predatory empire of the United States."

"Students are being bullied because of their identities, ideologies, religions and national origins," Beery said.

Added Noah Liben, another senior, "Debate is being stifled. Students are being silenced in their own classrooms."

"Students tell me they've been browbeaten, humiliated and treated disrespectfully for daring to challenge the idea that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish nation,"

A recent graduate, Lindsay Shrier, said Saliba told her, "You have no claim to the land of Israel ... no voice in this debate. You have green eyes, you're not a true Semite. I have brown eyes, I'm a true Semite."


UPDATE: Daniel Pipes has an update on this (via Michelle Malkin), apparently Hamid Dabashi does not deal with public criticism well. A letter was written to him by a graduate student (an Israeli student and former soldier) at Columbia which contained the following passage:
I have rarely seen such a revolting excerpt of anti-semitism as your article in Al-Ahram. Your article implies no right of Israel to exist. … As an Israeli citizen, I welcome the right of Palestinians to have an independent state and a capital in East Jerusalem. At the same time, you clearly deny (and you are not even a Palestinian) my right to have a country.
I think that is an fair critique of Dabashi's statements, but he disagreed. Here is a portion of the letter he wrote to the university provost:
I consider this slanderous harassment a conduct unbecoming of a student of Columbia University towards a member of the faculty whom he has never met or known. I bring this defamatory attack against a Columbia faculty to the judicious attention of your respective offices. Given the military record of this person, I also feel physically threatened. I would be grateful if Columbia Security were also to be informed of this slanderous attack against my character and appropriate measures taken to protect my person from a potential attack by a militant slanderer.
The provost quickly dismissed the letter as unthreatening.

So this must be the formula; spout vitriolic, hateful, anit-semitic, and disgraceful propaganda in the classroom and in public, but run to mommy when prompted to defend your statements. Very fair and manly don't you think?

Read Daniel's whole report, its worth it

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