Kerik is out

Instapundit and Fox News are reporting that Bernard Kerik has withdrawn his name as a nominee for Director of Homeland Security. Lorie Byrd is reporting that it was a "nanny" issue that is forcing him out. But I would like to point out that Lorie might be wrong on one count, I am pretty sure Linda Chavez, Bush's first pick for Secretary of Labor, was the most recent victim of the curse of the illegal nanny -- not the nominee before Janet Reno.

UPDATE: Lorie has now noted that Linda Chavez was the most recent "nanny" victim. On the ball as always over there at PoliPundit!

UPDATE II: Hindrocket at Power Line makes the point that for the person who is to lead the Department of Homeland Security this is not a trivial matter. Good point, I had not thought of it that way.

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