American academia's lack of political diversity is visible, even from across the pond

The Economist (via Instapundit) has a great article on the lack of political diversity in American universities, and I have to say they hit the nail on the head. As a former 'recent' college graduate I have to say that the observations are dead on, even for the public university I went to located in the heart of the Bible Belt -- the land of the religious right. The professors were shockingly out of touch with the values of the average student, and many of the student groups sunk to unbelievable depths to point out the supposed hypocrisy, hatred, and racism of the mainstream students.

The climate in institutions of higher learning is not conducive to rational political discourse and discussion, as we have seen at Columbia University recently there is an environment of intolerance for any opinion from the center or right-of-center of the political spectrum. This will come to a messy end soon as the agenda of the faculties grow farther and farther away from mainstream Americans' beliefs.

American college students deserve better than this.

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  • Excellent article from The Economist - I'm in college right now, and the main message I have received in all my classes (even in physics and astronomy, not just politics) is that America Is Bad. Most of us in the minority have taken to just shutting up for fear of receiving lower grades from our profs or of losing friends who "won't associate with those people".

    By Blogger Emma, at 9:53 AM  

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