Vicious and Intolerant Democrats, Part IX

This is another prime example of the hateful rhetoric that the Left is spewing which will divide this country, and ruin their own political goals. Power Line reader Alfred Fluehr notified the nice guys over there of this flyer, produced by Amnesty International. The fact that an organization that is supposed to be protecting freedom and liberty is accusing all Americans who voted for President Bush of being Nazis is simply unbelievable.

The Democrats really are falling apart, and calling the majority of American mean and hateful is not going to help them. As if the flyer portraying Bush as a mentally handicapped child was not enough, this is absolutely inexcusable. As Fluehr noted on Power Line,
First, there was the flyer from Tennessee Democrats that depicted Bush as a special Olympian. Mentally handicapped people probably aren't on the liberal list of those to be tolerant towards. Then there was the pamphlet which depicted whites using fire hoses on blacks. Obviously a ploy to stir racial hatred using images out of context that were forty years old. And now, we have this beauty of a flyer, posted around Penn State, depicting a boy jumping on a swastika. The clear implication being that anyone who voted for Bush is a Nazi. Even more surprising, this flyer is from Amnesty International. You always wonder why groups like Amnesty International always seem to hold War Criminal Tribunals for Bush, but somehow missed holding one for Kim Jong Il or Hussein.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I urge you to write Amnesty International at, and let them know what you think of this flyer.

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