Vicious and Intolerant Democrats, Part VII

Now the true sensibilities of the Democrats are showing. The talk has shifted to that of secession, voter suppression, assassination, homicide bombings, and even suicide. There were even vandalism of Republican offices after the election was over. They are taking taking to the streets in Chicago and proclaiming defeat in Fallujah even as the fight is just starting. It appears as if the Democrats simply cannot tolerate a public mandate that they do not agree with.

Is this even a rational response? The strength of our Republic lies in the voice of the people, and the social compact of the Constitution, which binds us to the will of the people. Do these people really believe in the United States of America, or just their ideas? Where does the allegiance of the Democratic Party's rank and file lie?

I seriously worry about the future of this country when people or interest groups place their own agenda above the good of the nation. I cannot help but think that our Founding fathers would be disappointed with the political climate that we have right now.

My prayer for this country is that we can have a vigorous and fair national debate about our government and its leaders, but come together to support it in the end, regardless of the results.

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