Thoughts and reactions to Bush's victory speech

Man, the Bush and Cheney families are two good looking families aren't they?

A very loud and boisterous crowd at the Ronald Reagan Center is eating this moment up.

Big applause when Cheney mentions the GOP pickups in Congress.

The most votes for any President in history! Take that you dope-smoking, patchouli-stink, lily-livered, Bush-hating liberals!

Cheney has some very kind words for his boss, a very accurate description I must say.

WOW! Huge ovation for the President, this man is truly loved by his party!

Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

"A great night!"

Kind and complimentary words for Senator Kerry and his campaign staff.

"America has spoken, and I am humbled by the confidence and trust of my fellow citizens"

President Bush on Dick Cheney, "I am proud to serve beside him"

Huge applause for Karl Rove

"Because you did the incredible work, we are celebrating today!"

"We will help the emerging democracies of Iraq and Afghanistan" -- Big applause

"A new term is a new opportunity to reach out to nation"

"There is no limit to the greatness of America" -- anti-American apologists need not apply!

"I will always be grateful to the people of my state[Texas, duh!]"

"God Bless You, and God Bless America!"

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