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I was reading an interesting article from the Washington Times on the election of an Indian born Republican Congressman from Louisiana when the following caught my eye:
The newspaper noted that the provisional ballots in Ohio, much like the Florida's hanging chad in 2000, continued to pose problems for the U.S. electoral process.

"So how does America and the rest of the world insulate itself from such constitutional gremlins which cause major glitches in the working of the world's most muscular democracy? Ought America to give up its either/or presidential system and opt for a cabinet-based prime-ministerial option which can accommodate coalition governments?

"Since the U.S. has made the United Nations virtually an annex of the White House, we propose that in the event of a tie or disputed contest, the final vote be taken by a simple head count in the U.N. General Assembly," The Times said.
emphasis added

Whoa there Sparky! I know this is an idea that would never go anywhere over here, except with a few far Left-ers, but this is outrageous! Because of our large role in international affairs this Indian newspaper thinks the UN should have a say in our elections! Pardon the rough words, but GO TO HELL!

In no way do I take this proposal seriously, but it does illustrate a point to me. If this is representative of the world's opinion, then maybe we really do need to withdraw from the UN. I have never read anything that offended my sensibilities as an American as much as this has. National sovereignty is the most important principle for any country, especially ours. While I do believe there are those in our country that would willingly sacrifice our right to defend ourselves to the UN, I don't think any serious person would allow this type of influence from the UN to infiltrate our government, but my God, if this is what our friends think -- who needs enemies?

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