Sen. Bill Frist addresses the Federalist Society dinner

I caught Senator Frist's speech to the Federalist Society on C-Span, it was very interesting. The topic at hand is the filibuster of judicial nominees that the Democrats have maintained. Senator Frist addressed at length the fact that the Senate rules that surround the filibuster. Calling the filibuster "tyranny of the minority", he states that the minority in the Senate are denying the Senate the opportunity to fulfill its constitutional duty to advise and consent on the President's appointments.

While I am certainly no expert on Senate rules, it seems to me that the blatant political games the Senate minority has been playing for the last several years are egregiously unfair to the American people. The reason that this has gone on so long is due to the fact that most Americans simply do not know or understand the impact of appointments that have been delayed for so long.

I have to say I support Senator Frist's call for reform when it comes to the rules governing appointment confirmation. What is going on now is truly tyranny of the minority.

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