Please, please, PLEASE run to the Left

To all the Democrats out there on the coasts, PLEASE RUN TO THE LEFT!

Take the urgings of Kos seriously and make Howard Dean the DNC Chairman. Please desert (even more) your party's roots, please leave all those common sense, conservative, Reagan Democrats in the middle for us to pick up. If you think selling out even more to the special interests of the eco-terrorists, GLBT lobby, feminists, abortion proponents, and socialists hasn't worked yet, then sell out more! Please keep trotting out the idiot Leftites from Hollywood, you need to have Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, and Alec Baldwin out there convincing Americans that they are the Democratic Party. Please alienate all of us out here in "fly-over" country, we aren't worth your time anyway.

Normally I would not point out the idiocy of the opponents' strategy for fear they might listen, but this group has shown the utter inability to listen to reason, so I have no such fear. The Democrats need to realize for their own good that if they go anywhere but to the center their fate will just be worse. Imagine that, a filibuster breaking majority for the GOP after the 2006 mid-term elections, and a larger majority in the House. How much good could we get done then.

So please run to the Left Democrats, it's exactly what this country needs.

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