The 'Ownership Society'

This could be the agenda item that truly builds President Bush's legacy, it advances a concept that has been central to the past successes of our country. Ownership is widely recognized as the basis of the American Dream, millions dream of owning their own homes and small businesses. This is a message that appeals to the millions of hard-working citizens who have always been the backbone of the American economy.

This initiative is not just political, its ramifications stretch into every phase of American life.

Black and Hispanic Americans who have been working hard in their small businesses to build their communities and make their children's lives better will benefit from a reform of the tax code to eliminate the penalties on wealth creation and transmission. Family owned businesses that have been around for generations will benefit by those same reforms which will allow their children to take over the business smoothly and easily.

It helps the young Americans in their 20's, by allowing them to save for their retirement through private accounts. It allows the promises to our parents and grandparents to be fulfilled while modernizing the way we look at social programs.

The bottom line is that the Left is afraid of ownership. As Mark points out at Blogs for Bush, nothing scares the Left more than "worker/capitalists" who own their own homes, have saved adequately for retirement, and paid for their own healthcare, leaving the liberals no one to take care of. President Bush is planning on changing the way the government operates, and seriously reducing the size and control of the federal government. That, my friends, is just what the doctor ordered.

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