Osama supports Kerry?

Power Line has posted a very interesting analysis of the coverage of the new Osama bin Laden tape, but something in particular caught my eye:
In a section of his speech in which he harshly criticized George W. Bush, bin Laden stated: "Any U.S. state that does not toy with our security automatically guarantees its own security."

The Islamist website Al-Qal'a explained what this sentence meant: "This message was a warning to every U.S. state separately. When he [Osama Bin Laden] said, 'Every state will be determining its own security, and will be responsible for its choice,' it means that any U.S. state that will choose to vote for the white thug Bush as president has chosen to fight us, and we will consider it our enemy, and any state that will vote against Bush has chosen to make peace with us, and we will not characterize it as an enemy. By this characterization, Sheikh Osama wants to drive a wedge in the American body, to weaken it, and he wants to divide the American people itself between enemies of Islam and the Muslims, and those who fight for us, so that he doesn't treat all American people as if they're the same.

Wow, what the bold sections of text tell me is that in Osama's mind John Kerry is not a threat to him or his terror network. In addition he sees people who vote for Kerry as "those who fight for us". This is a very direct endorsement of Kerry and an admission that Bush is a threat to bin Laden's plans. If this does not draw the differences between the two candidates on the War on Terror into stark contrast, I don't know what would.

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