More proof the Left is anti-military, as if you did not know...

The Left in America are as anti-military now as they were during the Vietnam War era, in fact maybe even more so. The same mentality is evident in the far Left of today, nothing the military can do is right. After 9/11 they screamed the government did not do enough, then when we take preemptive action to prevent future attacks they cry foul. Then, after opposing the war for months they start screaming that we did not use enough force, that we need more boots on the ground. They hold up each and every death of a US serviceman or woman as blood on the hands of an irresponsible administration, and then today they are raising hell that one of our soldiers acted to keep himself alive.

If you have not heard, NBC reporters embedded with a Marine unit in Fallujah observed a Marine shoot and kill a wounded, unarmed terrorist while clearing a mosque. I appears that the reason the situation was handled the way it was is because the day before a Marine in the same unit was killed by a booby-trap on a terrorist's body, and the soldier had cause to suspect he was in danger.

Just tonight there was a "civil rights" attorney on Hannity and Colmes calling the act a war crime and saying that the Marine had no right to shoot the apparently unarmed man, regardless of his fear for his own life. These men are in a dangerous situation out there, and don't know whether they will ever see home again, and had just seen a buddy killed the day before by a booby-trap in a similar situation, and Left cuts them no slack. PoliPundit predicted it correctly when this story first broke, the treatment of this situation by the media and Left has been strikingly anti-military.

In a Reuters story, his fellow Marines are rallying around him, saying that his actions were inline with the situation in Fallujah.

No matter what happens the Left, particularly those who cut their political teeth in the Vietnam years, will never support the military fully -- and only when politically expedient. This is why they can't be trusted with national security, they just don't get it.

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