The Left is smarter than we are? Yeah right...

This is just too funny! I don't normally quote a whole post, but the Templar Pundit nailed this one just right:
In a fit of righteous anger, Patricia K. Church of Amherst, Massachusetts, has torn down a Texan flag at the Amherst Town Hall. Ms. Church realized that the Texan flag had obviously been placed there by an uneducated bigoted Republican hick and that it was her duty as a tolerant sophisticated Blue-stater to remove the flag. After all, the only reason a Texas flag would be flying would be as a spiteful insult, rubbing Bush's stolen victory in the noses of the good people of Massachusetts.

There are only a few problems with this scenario, the flag wasn't a Texan flag, it was a Puerto Rican flag. The Puerto Rican flag was not being flown to spite Democrats, it was being flown in honor of Puerto Rican Month and the celebrations that took place on Friday.

Vladimir Morales, the organizer of the Puerto Rican celebration, is still awaiting an apology from Ms. Church.

The Templar Pundit

Just throw that out the next time you are called dumb for being a conservative, idiocy crosses party lines.

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